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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank You!

Thanks so much for doing such a great job with the Columbia High School kids.  And thanks so very much for the stories.  They are treasures!


Feather Phillips
Former Executive Director
Pocosin Arts Council, NC

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanks, again, for working with our school!

The blog looks awesome! My classroom looks so sunny and bright in the photos. I heard wonderful things about the performance from Ms. Krystal Davenport (the history teacher). She said she laughed a lot and was impressed with the way the kids stepped up.

Thanks, again, for working with our school! I loved reading their positive responses. :)

Joanne Juco
English Teacher/Residency Supervisor
Columbia High School

Thursday, March 15, 2012

MythUnderstandings - Photos of The Process From Page To Stage

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Transcriptions of Original Interviews

Transcriptions of Original Interviews for MythUnderstandings

Reflections on the Process

Columbia High School, Columbia, NC

EbzB Residency Reflections From Student Participants

In the creation of this play, the portion I have enjoyed and learned from most was some of the exercises.  Such exercises about composure and how body posture defines your presence and current emotions were the ones which I took the most from.  It is very interesting to me how much someone can control themselves once they become conscious of their own actions.  One thing that surprised me was the amount of participation from the class.  Even most of those who are normally very timid or introverted took an active part in the play.  With a personal love of music and art, I’ve always somewhat wished that Columbia High School did have a drama or theatrical arts program.  If there were to be one, I would definitely take part and volunteer to help create ideas, scenery, be an actor or to even help manage and delegate tasks to assure everyone has done their part and on time.

This was awesome.  Alto of the stuff they showed us can be carried on throughout life. The let us be goofs, we didn’t care what anyone thought, or at least I didn’t and I have horrible stage fright.  It was nice to see those friendly faces these past two weeks.  I wish they [EbzB] could stay longer.  They tried to incorporate everyone into the show. Some people who missed days or didn’t turn in anything were in the show.  Once some people got to know them, you could tell any previous impressions were wiped clean.  It was a positive atmosphere, a constant laugh and many skills/lessons that I will never forget.  You brought some of the shyest students out.  We all had fun. Thanks again!

I learned a lot from this experience. At first I thought it wasn’t going to be fun, but soon I found it to be very interesting.  I learned some things that I will take with me in the future.  I also learned that in any situation, you can keep your composure if you breathe.  So this was a GREAT experience for me and THANK YOU, EBZB!

The overall project in my point of view was awesome! It gave me the experience of acting and learning things about where I live that I never knew.  I think everyone should be able to experience this.

I really have to say this whole experience with EbzB has taught me so many things.  I have always wanted to be a public speaker and me as an individual being able to get out into a whole crowd was a real eye-opener for me and taught me so many life lessons.  I really believe these things that were taught to me will stick with me forever.

The work I did showed me that one piece of work can become something amazing.  At first I was completely against doing the play because I believed it to be a waste of my time.  I really didn’t care about learning something too new because I simply didn’t want to do it.  But once I got into the acting exercises, I started to see how fun this was going to be.  I was actually looking forward to performing.  However, I still had a lot of doubts about how the actual performance would turn out.  I shocked myself and my peers shocked me.  It was really good and I would like to do it again.

The experience was beyond eye-opening. Getting out in the community and learning about the myths were crazy.  I personally was nervous about performing in front of everyone.  I have huge stage fright.  All of the processes and exercises helped me go through with it.  I feel now that I can do it more often.

This process more than anything, helped many people to open up and not become introverted people.  In school, it is so bland and controlling and to get out of that encaged environment where you feel trapped -- This was an opportunity to be set free and become your own individual.  Tyrol county is not the subject; it is FREEDOM that we must all learn the secrets and myths about.
PS:  Thank you for helping a seemingly insignificant town like Columbia be famous.  We have always been unique.

EbzB taught me to not be afraid to do something in front of people.  I also learned how to interview people about stories from the county.  I also thought they were a great group to work with and I hope they will come back soon!

I leaned how important people’s expressions are and how body language can give a greater meaning or put more emphasis on the things people say.  I’ve also learned how important that is when trying to give off a certain message to people.

This experience was very eye-opening for me in the world of acting.  I may possibly be interested in becoming an actor or performing in some dramas. The experience helped interesting to learn more about the county that I live in. Many of the stories were stories that I had never heard.  I would greatly love to do this again.

Doing the play and workshop things has taught me a few things. One thing was that there are so many interesting things about my community.  It also taught me that I control myself and my life.

The EbzB project was really nice.  It was a scary but great experience.  I learned that you can show so many emotions without talking.  I learned that if you breathe deeply nothing can stop you.  That whomever judges you really judges themselves.  This was just a new experience that I will never forget.  Thanks.

A lot of the exercises helped me control my breathing.  I also discovered that once my breath is controlled, my body is.  I learned that focus can help you get through what needs to be done.  The acting part helped me just bring myself out, and be comfortable with my performance.

This experience has taught me to be more open to get my thoughts across in different ways.  The play wasn’t something I would ever think of me being in.  I did not know that my classmates and I could do this project and it actually turned out to be a very great learning experience.  I will never forget things I learned throughout preparing for MythUnderstand.  I will now live up to some of these lessons to better my career and future.

I feel like this experience has changed my perspective on wanting to get up and perform and recite lines in front of people.  I feel like I could use this not only in school, but outside of school as well.

I really enjoyed everything that we have done as a group.  I learned how to tell a story through acting.  I’ve learned how to focus on certain points in the room without being disturbed.  I’ve really enjoyed working with y’all in this and it really showed me how to project myself.

Throughout this project I have realized one major aspect about myself, “ I am always going to be nervous.”  My whole life I have wanted to be an actor.  I have been held back by two aspects. I don’t know how to get my career started. I felt like I wasn’t ready.  I felt like I would get up to my part and be nervous.  Now I realize, “So What?”

At first I was reluctant about this project because I thought it would be a lot of work.  Getting the interview and then translating it was not my cup of tea.  It wasn’t like I was going to be nervous because I have been doing things on stage since I was in the 6th grade.  Once I got the things done, I realized that it would be a fun experience.

From the first day the EbzB people came, I wanted to learn the process they had to go through to have such a neat performance.  Working with them has made me more willing to do different things.  I learned that being myself is the best way to be.

The day of the performance, I really didn’t know what to think because our school doesn’t normally have exciting things going on.  I really enjoyed the show because I learned a lot about the past and the way you performed it.  But overall I really enjoyed having sometime with you because I have learned about you personally.  Especially the life quotes you have told me because it helped me a lot.  I’m very thankful of meeting you.  Hopefully, sometime in the future, I will see you or even go to one of your shows.  Thank you for being here.

My reflection on the acting is that the interview, breath, body and face has been a pretty good exercise for me. Acting is kind of harder than what I thought it would be. The hardest part is memorizing the lines and stage directions. I think the interview helped as if it was on television.

It has made it better. I have overcome my stage fright of talking in front of big crowds.  I also found out that I love performing.  I love working with EbzB and hope we can do it again.

I really enjoy them. It was a lot of fun.  I hope they can come back and do it again.

I thought it was a wonderful experience.  I learned so much about acting.  I would love to do this again.

The time was a great experience.  I was planning to be an actor when I go to college.  Serena and David taught me a lot and it was fun and helpful.  I cannot thank them enough.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Public Announcement - MythUnderstandings

Myth-Understandings -
A documentary performance based on oral histories from the citizens of Tyrrell County.
by Columbia High School 11th Grade English Students

From the 2012 classes of Joanne Juco, Alison Lawhorne and Trudee Farley

In association with EbzB Productions.

Sponsored by Pocosin Arts Council and the North Carolina Arts Council

Performance in the Columbia High School auditorium at 11AM, Thursday, March 15, 2012.
Performance will last about 30 minutes, with a post-show discussion and Q&A - for a total of about an hour long event.

Students who have participated in the project include -

Aaliyah Blount

Aaliyah Daniels

Amber Morris

Daniel Garza

Michael Haverman

Kytara Hassell

Karla Hernandez

Jade Morris

Jordan Sexton

Kyle Smith

Mecca Bowser

Noah Estey

Tiera Hill

Waylone Spencer

Arie Young

Bianca Sykes

Cameron Harrell

Carrie Brickhouse

Destiny Marner

Eliza Basnight

Ivan Duarte

Jaquil White

Jessica Davenport

Kenya Guzman

Kit Kenny

KJ Rawls

Tyler Renfrow

Zhane Combs

Faculty and Staff who have coordinated the effort include -
Marcia Manning, Columbia High School Principal

Karen Clough, Pocosin Arts Program Director

Joanne Juco, Alison Lawhorne, Trudee Farley, Columbia High School Faculty - English & Music Departments

Those interviewed include (this is a partial listing) -
Romona Armstrong (Jade Morris)                            Teresa Barnes (Aaliyah Blount)

Olivia Leary (Bianca Skes)                                       Vida Hassell (Arie Young)

Don Davis (Waylone Spencer)                                              Beatriz Calderon (Shepherrd KJ Rawls)

Dr. Allen Brickhouse (Carrie Brickhouse)                              Joseph B. Wynns (Jessica Davenport)

Patsy Swain (Michael Havemann)                              Mary & Howard White (Mecca Bowser)

Vida Hassell (Kytara Hassell)                                                Vickie Furlough (Amber Morris)

Mrs. Nettie Dyer (Destiny Marner)                        Dr. Allen Brickhouse (Kit Kenny)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Communication in Context

My teacher is standing on a desk?  Seriously?

Myth-Understandings: Purple Man Road

Purple Man Road

Actors Tools

Columbia High School students discovered how to use their breath, bodies, eyes, faces and voices to communicate effectively on the stage and in real life.  Actress Serena Ebhardt from EbzB Productions introduced the students to the tools of an actor in classes held at the high school on February 27, 2012.  Through demonstration, observation, lecture, warm-up and practice, the students explored ways to mix and match their communication tools in order to send the perfect message to their audience.  This training is not only useful in real-life communications, but will be mandatory for their upcoming participation in a performance of Myth-Understandings.  Myth-Understandings is the drama that the students have created from interviews they collected from Tyrrell County residents.  It will be performed for the school and the public in March 2012.